The Last Prince of Ireland, written by renowned Irish author, Morgan Llywelyn, depicts in novel form the historic march from Doire na Fola near Glengarriff to Leitrim in Ulster of Donal Cam O'Sullivan, Lord of Beare and Bantry, and 1000 followers after the defeats of Kinsale and Dunboy that finalized the loss of Munster (southern Ireland) to England. The book, which is currently out of print, provides the reader with insight into the battle of Kinsale, the loss of Dunboy Castle, 16th Century O'Sullivan geneology and clan feuds, as well as historic descriptions of the entire devastating march.

The book is based on significant research by the author, who personally walked the entire route of the march with Irish radio personality Donncha O'Dulaing. The book is factual, interesting, entertaining, and easy to read. In testimony to its historical accuracy is the fact that this book was selected by the History Book Club - which accepts very few novels. It is definitely recommended reading for anyone interested in O'Sullivan ancestry or Irish history.

(Copyright 1992, William Morrow & Company, Inc., NY. Published in Ireland as "O'Sullivan's March".)
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