(Animated graphic based on St. Louis artist Darren Snead's painting "Diamonds". Used with permission.)


Captions and text are as provided by the page owner.
Either hard copy or digital photographs may be submitted.
Or, we will photograph and digitize if desired (St. Louis area only).

The text and/or captions provided by the page owner may include short dissertations, humorous anecdotes, lengthy stories, or whatever (just keep it reasonably clean).





The images may be aligned to either side of the page, with verbiage on the opposite side; or the photos may be aligned in the center with captions or writing above or beneath.




Images may also be reduced in viewable size to permit side-by-side or offset pictures as shown here:




If many images (more than 10) are involved, it is recommended that the first page consist of an index using "thumbnail" images which can be used to link to larger images on additional pages. The additional pages can include high-resolution pictures up to 600 x 400 pixels or more. Music can be added to any or all pages.

Thumbnail Image to Designate Linked Page or Picture
A short description beneath the title often helps viewers understand and make selections.

The choices for text and background color schemes and themes is virtually unlimited. Special backgrounds, textures, designs or animations are also available.

Each page will include a small o-sullivan.net credit as follows:

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